Launched in 2014 by Suhaila Al Shaali, contemporary womenswear label SH Studios fuses minimalistic styles with clean silhouettes, evoking an effortless aesthetic. Modern and understated, the brand seamlessly blends fine lines, neutral colors and impeccable tailoring. With a focus on quality and the perfect fit, SH Studios continually finds new ways to reinvent classic wardrobe essentials.


With a background in interior design, Dubai based Suhaila Al Shaali started designing in 2009 when she couldn’t find clothes that suit her minimalistic, pared back style. Her love of black and white inspired Suhaila to create an effortless and contemporary ready-to-wear label with a focus on simplicity and immaculate tailoring.


Inspired by structure, design and fine lines, Al Shaali experiments with clean silhouettes, versatile textiles and neutral colors creating a refined sensibility that transcends seasons.